Texas Civil Suits

Civil Suits

As a Texas attorney, Jerry Guerra provides comprehensive services pertaining to civil matters. With over 20 years of experience providing legal assistance and guidance to the community of Corpus Christi, you can count on the Law Office of Jerry Guerra for your legal needs. We provide legal representation for clients who claim to have incurred loss or damages because of another’s actions or wrongdoing. We can guide you through the court proceedings for the following legal matters:  

Civil Suit Attorney

Debt Collector / Harassment

The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) offers consumers protection from harassment by debt collectors. If you believe a debt collector is violating your consumer rights, contact us today.

Premise Liability

Were you injured on someone else’s property? Are you a home owner currently facing legal action because someone else incurred an injury on your property? We can provide legal representation.

Contracts for Deed

Under a contract for deed, property seller retains ownership of the land or home until the buyer has paid the purchase price in full. If you need legal assistance or further information contact us today.

Additional Civil Suit Services

Additional Services include assisting clients with civil matters pertaining to personal injuries, violations of rights, disputes, and damages. When it comes to civil matters and obtaining an attorney, the Law Office of Jerry Guerra can provide the legal services and representation you need to make the best legal decisions for your individual case.


Jerry Guerra takes pride in the quality of his work and his knowledge of a variety of legal issues, as is evident by the successful representation of his clients. The central office, located in downtown Corpus Christi, is in walking distance to the Nueces County Courthouse. We invite you to learn more about the Law Offices of Jerry Guerra and the services our firm can provide. Contact us for a confidential consultation.


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Civil Law Suits

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