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I know the law.

Your rights are my​ #1 Priority.

I fight for you.

With over 20 years of experience servicing the legal needs of Corpus Christi and the neighboring communities, Jerry Guerra has earned a solid reputation for success and excellence in the courtroom. When it comes to providing guidance and legal representation, hundreds of clients have depended upon him to help them through a broad range of complex and often emotional legal issues.


The Law Offices of Jerry Guerra offer legal representation supporting the multifaceted issues surrounding family law, personal injury, and civil suits.

We provide legal representation for clients who claim to have incurred loss or damages because of another’s actions or wrongdoing. Jerry Guerra provides legal assistance for debt collector violations and harassment, contract for deed, and premise liability. Call us about additional services for discrimination, violation of rights, and legal disputes.

We have experience in assisting with family matters and domestic relations, including: Marriage, divorce, property division, prenuptial agreements, protective/restraining orders. We also aid in matters related to parent-child relationships, including: Child support, child custody, visitation schedules, adoption, surrogacy, and questions of paternity.

Don’t go to trial without a personal injury attorney who is willing to fight for the justice you deserve. Jerry Guerra provides legal representation to those who claim injury, physically or psychologically, because of negligence or wrongdoing, to include: Wrongful death, on the job injuries, auto accidents, 18-Wheeler accidents, roll overs, and oilfield accidents.

Civil Suits

Family Practice Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney

My Areas of Practice include
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